Need to get your containment off the ground?

We’d like to introduce you to a simple, effective and low-cost method of elevating your cable containment systems.
Support Comms’ pedestal brackets are designed to make use of underfloor pedestals to raise cable trays, basket trays and pipe work off the floor. Brackets are simply fixed between pedestals using V-bolts and the containment system can then be fastened directly to the brackets.

The system makes clever use of existing underfloor pedestals and removes the need to install awkward channel brackets that require bolting to the floor.

The standard bracket is 600mm long. We also offer a number of variations, including a 1200mm version, supported by three pedestal legs, an 850mm version designed to attach diagonally to pedestal legs and a cantilever arm bracket which attaches to just one leg. Other sizes can be manufactured as necessary.

The brackets are pre-galvanised to BSEN10346 or can be powder-coated to your specification and the V Bolts and Nuts are BZP.

basket ancillaries Part No. DT2/200/SMCDO/PG basket ancillaries. Part No. DT2/100/HCDO/PG
Pedestal Bracket
Pedestal Bracket (Cantilever Arm)
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