Technical Specification

A heavy-duty basket system for all cable types.

Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel to BSEN 10346, Datatray Basket is a cable basket system that offers maximum support even for longer, unsupported spans due to its configuration of 50x50mm grid and 5mm wire used throughout.

Datatray Basket can be supplied to your specified width and height requirements, with side wall heights ranging from 50mm to over 500mm, with widths of over 1000mm available. Shorter lengths are available too.

The surface of the system is pre-galvanised, which not only improves the appearance, but also limits the possibility of stray zinc spurs being released into the airflow. Reportedly, standard electrical cable basket finished in electro zinc plated has a tendency ‘to ‘flake’ especially when cutting and forming accessories. If required, a powder coated treatment can also be applied after manufacture to eliminate all risk of spurs. Powder coating in different colours can also help with cable run identification and can also match the colour of the cabinets to make the installation more aesthetically pleasing.

Our use of pre-galvanised materials avoids additional chemical plating processes which ensures reduced delays, a quicker turnaround for your order, and helps minimise your carbon footprint.

All fittings for the Datatray Basket are factory-made to maintain the highest levels of quality and alleviate the potential for sharp edges within the containment zone. The factory made fitting provides the correct bending radii for the designated cables.

90 Deg Bend: An equal bend fabricated in all product ranges. The angle gusset enables ease of cable installation.

Tee: The tee gives maximum protection to cables by the angle gusset on each corner.

Crossover: An equal or unequal junction fabricated with gusseted corners.

Reducer: The standard reducer allows reduction to a given size.

Datadeck / Datatray Basket Couplers: Linage plates are used to join lengths and fittings together. They fit by the inner bracket clamping the vertical side wires to the outer L shaped bracket which in turn supports the horizontal wires.

Dataduct Couplers:Dataduct couplers are used to join lengths and fittings together. It consists of two wire couplers that hook over the DataDuct wires and are joined in together using an M06 roofing nut and bolt. It is suggested to also use an earth braid to maintain earth continuity.

Jeztape: Jezmat is joined by the application of a 50mm width, Blue, waterproof tape which allows the simple and fast connection.

A proprietary solution to the protection of data cables when threaded around raised floor pedestals. These two part collars secure to the base of the Pan area and prevent the cable sheaths from being exposed to the pedestal threads.

Earth Braids: All Metallic pathways systems should be suitably earthed and bonded. Earth braids are recommended for this purpose, these are mechanically screwed to the basket jointing coupling system to ensure earth continuity

Hold Down Clip: The hold down clamps are used to securely fix the datadeck and dataduct basket to the Channel. The wire hook fixes over the horizontal wire and is fixed to the channel using an M06 roofing bolt and channel nut (not supplied).
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