Technical Specification

Concealed, secure cable management.

Supportcomms’ newest product offers a large-capacity cable distribution system that is secure, well organised, and hidden from view.

An efficient, large capacity, bespoke cable distribution system, colour coded to maximise the visual impact on the data centre and complete with pre-positioned, fully gasketed cable outlets to facilitate easy access to the cabinets or racks. Each system can be custom sized according to the client own capacity requirements and can be future proofed.

The Datatrunk can be divided into compartments as required, suitable for organising and separating data cables, fibre-optics and power cables.

Manufactured from galvanised steel, the Datatrunk can be powder coated in any colour, enabling the entire cabling system to be concealed from view behind a smart, uniform finish.

As security and safety is of paramount importance in data centres, Support Comms’ Datatrunk systems can include a Datatrunk lid, which safely contains the cables and protects them from dirt and dust. Lids can also be supplied with tamper-proof fastenings for additional peace of mind.

Datatrunk can be made in a full range of sectional sizes and is manufactured in 2 metre lengths so it can be easily transported and installed. A full range of angles, reducers, internal barrier kits and support brackets are also available.


Datatrunk Lid

Datatrunk Apertures

Datatrunk Coupler

Datatrunk Hold-down Bracket

Datatrunk Support Bracket
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