Technical Specification

Offering a flat, safe surface for total cable protection.

Jezmat systems provide a flat cabling surface to meet the ever-increasing demands of data cabling. Today’s cables are required to perform at many times the speed of standard CAT 5 cables and technicians need robust methods of installing and protecting these cables.

Using a one-piece ribbed extrusion that is both very strong and lightweight, durable and impact resistant and will not compress under the weight of cable bundles. Jezmat is fire retardant to LPS 1207. Using Jezmat, cable installers can reduce the factors causing deformations in the signal being transmitted. These include as cables being laid directly onto an uneven floor surface or bumped over the wires in a standard cable basket.

Each section of the Jezmat data matting can be simply butted to the next and joined with Jezmat Tape which is colour matched to suit the matting. Bends, tees and  crossovers are simple abutments, and the cutting and forming are all undertaken using a standard craft knife.

Jezmat can also help ensure no water is allowed to get into the cabling system, for example from a burst pipe or other leaks. Such accidents can seriously compromise the performance of the cables.

The product is available in different thicknesses, and can be cut to any specified width. Jezmat can be supplied in different colours to assist with route designation.

An anti-static finish is a critical element in the manufacture as this prevents any static electric charge that may build up during cable installation being transferred to the data in the cables. It also prevents the build-up of dust that can occur with some plastics.

The system has been designed as a cableway, with provisions to also carry the weight of an average man, during cable installation.

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