Jezmat is joined by the application of a 50mm width, blue, waterproof tape which allows simple and fast connection.

Carrier PE Coated Cloth
Adhesive-Base Rubber
Total Thickness ( MM ) 0.3
Peel Adhesion ( Kg/25mm ) 1.1
Rewinding Force ( Kg/50mm ) 1.8
Tensile Strength ( Kg/25mm ) 14
Holding Power (25mm x 25mm / 40°C ) 60 min
Ball Tack ( CM / Ball no. 20 ) 10
Temperature Resistance 1h / °C -35 up to +80
&Storage Life ( 20°C / 60% ) 6 months

The used test methods are based on acceptable specifications like PSTC or internal test methods which are required on request.

All the technical data are average values and should not be regarded as MAXIMUM or MINIMUM values for specification purposes. We advise to test the material required to ensure the suitability of intended application.

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