This system offers the system integrator a two compartment containment in one product which allows Cooper and Fiber to run within the same route, negating the need to have two separate systems.

This system has been designed as a cableway, with provisions to also carry the weight of an average man, during cable installation.

Ramps, bridges, and abutments are also formed with this product.

A combination of standard flat and cableway Jezmat can be used to form a most cost effective system.

Some design consultants have used this to great advantage, by running the raised cableway system around the building core areas [this is the area in which most water ingress may occur] and sealing this with mastic to the floor to form a bund to help limit damage and any further spread of water penetration on to the office floor areas.

The standard flat 10mm system can then be used in the normal office areas.

Here again the system can be colour coded to define cable routing, and give clear cable path identification.

The anti static finish is again also a critical element in the manufacture as this prevents any static electric charge that may build during cable installation being transferred to the data in the cables, also prevents the build up of dust that can occur with some plastics properties.

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