Technical Specification

A simple solution to cable congestion.

Pan Areas can be made from Jezmat, Datadeck or Deckduct. These systems have been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements imposed by today’s cabling techniques. Pan Areas are manufactured for congested areas of high cable concentrations such as Computer Equipment Rooms (CER) and Sub Equipment Rooms (SER).

Pan areas are the most versatile and cost effective method to alleviate cable congestion in SER and CER rooms. In these particularly congested situations, where the direct routing of cables into cable baskets in not practical, pan areas can be created to ensure the cables are suitably laid. These pans are formed by manufacturing the support system in very wide sections, with built in sleeves, to allow the floor pedestal legs or supports, to pass through.

These are fabricated off site and then split down into suitable sections for ease of handling and installation. Once onsite these sections can be reconnected to give a smooth surface.

  • The pan area allows the use of all the usable space below the raised floor.
  • The sleeves protect the cables from the pedestals and also protects the pedestal from the weight of the cables.
  • All pan areas are manufactured offsite.
  • The pan areas can be raise off the floor to ease the concerns about flooding.
  • No fittings are required with this system other than the abutment of the section to each other.
  • The system can be manufactured in virtually any width and height and is only restricted by the available area beneath the raised floor.
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