Technical Specifications

Wire Basket:

  • Heavy duty 5mm gauge wire used both horizontally and laterally
  • 50x50mm wire grid construction
  • Standard pre-galvanised finish
  • Factory made fittings
  • External Connecting system

Base Liner:

  • Manufactured from a polypropylene sheet 90% PP – 10% PE
  • This material is inert and therefore Non-toxic, resistant to chemicals waterproof, does not stain and is safe for use in contact with food.
  • Fire retardant
  • Antistatic [allows the pulling of cables across system without an electric charge]
  • UV stable
  • When used as a cable protection system below raised floor it would have a life expectance of greater than 30 years
  • Most colours available for easy route designation
  • Clear options also available

Standard Coating For The Cable Basket It Pre-Galvanised But The Following Finishes Are Available To Order.

Fabricated from pre-galvanised wire and has a coating of 10 microns, therefore approximately 70 hours protection.

Hot Dip Galvanised
To give a good finish the steel wire should have a silicate content of 0.4% this will give a clean coating of 25u microns and be equal to 175 hours protection.

Zinc Plate Passivate
Zinc plating is under taken after manufacture so there are no exposed ends, passivication increases this protection by up to 20% and can be applied in silver or gold colour finish to give approximately 85 hours protection in a salt spray test.

ZincAlu Super
A pre fabrication coating of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium. Applied at 35u equals 250g zinc to give 250 hours protection but the aluminium give this an improvement factor of 3, to give a total of 750 hours salt spray protection.

Powder Coated
All basket products can be finished in a range of colours to suit the client requirement. Each cable type run can be colour coded to give ease of cable identification.

Stainless Steel 316
Stainless steel offers almost perfect corrosion resistance in all types of industry. Especially in highly aggressive halogen containing environment (fluorine and chlorine)