Technical Specification

A lightweight, strong cable ladder system for long cable runs. The Datarax IT cable ladder system allows the Network Installer to organise, store and deliver bundles of cables between cabinets, racks and equipment rooms, offering mechanical support for long runs of cables. Datarax combines the features of cable ladder, tray and basket, offering great flexibility in installation and protection. The system features a light weight, robust and strong steel construction with a powder coat finish for long lasting durability. Available in a variety of widths, heights and lengths, the system can be used horizontally or vertically, allowing optimum flexibility. Datarax mounts to floors, walls, ceilings, racks, and cabinets, enabling cable support between and over cabinet’s racks, along walls and suspended from the ceiling. A full range of fittings and accessories is available which allow a gradual bend radius to ensure maximum quality data transmission. The system can also be powder coated in a range of colours to fit with your requirements. Datarax has been used within the technology, telecommunication, government and healthcare markets.


  • Supplied in lightweight, 3 metre lengths (shorter lengths are available).
  • Datarax is supplied in a standard black powder coated finish but other colours are available to match with your install.
  • A full complement of fittings and accessories.
  • A variety of side members and cross rungs allows the Datarax system to be supplied to meet the design and installation requirements of most projects.
  • Accessories allow a gradual bend for all cabling.
  • Easily configured for new and existing cable routing.
  • Mounts to floors, walls, ceilings, equipment racks, and cabinets.
  • Supports horizontal, vertical and overhead cable management.
  • The system is open on both sides and at the bottom to allow cables to enter and exit easily.


  • Powder coated – Black as standard (Other colours available upon request).
  • 150, 300, 450 or 600mm Wide Datarax (Other widths available).
  • Material Thickness – 3mm.
  • Side Rail – 50mm x 15mm Channel.
  • Cross Rung spacing – 300mm Centre to centre.
  • Cross Rung Dimensions – 25mm x 15mm Channel.


Datarax Bend Fabricated in 90 and 45 degree angles. Unequal Bends manufactured to order.

Datarax Equal Tees
Reducing Tees available on request.

An equal or unequal junction which can be fabricated to suit all sizes.

The standard Reducers allows reduction of width. Offset reducers are available.

Couplers (Straight)
Used to join straight lengths and accessories together using M8x20mm bolts and M8 nyloc nuts.

Couplers (Adjustable)
Used to join straight lengths and accessories together using M8x20mm bolts and M8 nyloc nuts.

90 deg Coupler

Wall Support

Wall Angle Used to terminate the ladder to the wall.

Waterfall (Dropout)
Maintains correct bend radius.

Waterfall (Double Dropout)
Maintains correct bend radius.

External or Internal Riser
Enables the smooth routing of cables from the horizontal to vertical plain.

Ceiling Bracket

Bracket runway support

Cable Post Retainers (Bracket)
To provide extra cabling depth extension to help retain cables Use to increase cable capacity fill.

Single J Hanger

Double J Hanger
Support power cable under cable ladder.

Cantilever Arm
Support ladder onto wall when running horizontally

Hold Down Clamps
To secure ladder to channel
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