90 Degree Bend Tee Crossover: An equal or unequal junction fabricated with gusseted corners.Crossover
90 Deg Bend: An equal bend fabricated in all product ranges. The angle gusset enables ease of cable installation. Tee: The tee gives maximum protection to cables by the angle gusset on each corner.
reducer Datadeck Coupler Dataduct Coupler
Reducer: The standard reducer allows reduction to a given size. Dataduct Couplers: Dataduct couplers  consists of two wire couplers that hook over the wires and are joined in together using an M06 roofing nut and bolt. Datadeck / Datatray Basket Couplers: Linage plates clamping the vertical side wires to the outer L shaped bracket which in turn supports the horizontal wires.
Jeztape Spiggott / collars Earthbraids
Jeztape: Jezmat is joined by the application of a 50mm width, Blue, waterproof tape which allows the simple and fast connection. Collars:
These two part collars secure to the base of the Pan area and prevent the cable sheaths from being exposed to the pedestal threads.
Earth Braids: Earth braids are recommended to ensure earth continuity
Hold down clip
Hold Down Clip: The hold down clamps are used to securely fix the Datadeck and Dataduct basket to the Channel.


The bridge is used to avoid other runs or permanent obstructions on site.
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NB Custom made fittings can be produced to suit most site requirements.

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